After 763 Days Kevin Pearce Returns To Snowboarding

Kevin Pearce Returns to SnowboardingKevin Pearce is one of those great inspiring stories of people who have surmounted the odds and returned to their favorite pastimes.  In the case of Kevin it’s snowboarding.  For those who do not know Kevin suffered a major brain injury while practicing for a snowboarding tournament over 2 years ago.  The injury came from hitting his head on the lip of the half-pipe after a difficult maneuver he was learning went bad.  After a lot of rehab and an eye surgery Kevin looks good as new on the slopes taking a few turns with supporters and the press today at Breckenridge.  I hope he’s here for the week and enjoys the Winter Dew Tour this week there, and many of us hope to see him back in the world of competitive snow sports soon.






Here’s the video of Kevin Pearce Returns, needs some Jaws music, kid is gonna shred soon 🙂

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