Avalanche in Breckenridge

Breckenridge LogoWere not sure if it was today or yesterday, but a fellow skier reported that there was an avalanche in Breckenridge to the right of the top of the Imperial Lift if you were facing it.  Somewhere around the Whale’s Tail run was where it let go.  There were no reported injuries, but we were told that the ski patrol was hammering that area with mortar rounds in an effort to shake loose any more snowpack that may have held on.  Most trails up that high have not opened yet, but as we get more snow they are opening more terrain so the avalanche danger in bounds has become of grater concern in that area as skiers and snowboarders enter those areas.  The dry start to the season has resulted in a very weak snowpack which will be prone to problems as more and more snow falls towards the end of Winter and the beginning of Spring.

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