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Final Weekend for Most, Eyes Shift to Arapahoe Basin

With many ski areas closing this weekend and to me it’s sad since I’ve been too busy to do much of anything since January combined with a fun dose of E. Coli I’m probably out for a few weeks with maybe one trip in May to A Basin for

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Why Independent Ski Shops Rock: A Story About The Ski Shop Inc

So I’m facing the usual dilemma of a person who’s outgrown their skis.  So I tried a demo performance ski a few weeks ago specifically a 2011-2012 K2 Rictor.  I do the usual look online at them, but I noticed one thing about online reviews, there are

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Ski School Success

If you’re new to skiing then a ski school may be what’s best for you to learn how to ride the slopes.  Here are a few basic tips to help you get the most out of your classes. Terrain – I have found this very important.  If

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Learning to Ski

While there’s no problem with learning to ski from a friend, both parties probably would find it easier if the novice skier learned from a certified instructor. There’s nothing worse than beating your head on a non beginner course and nothing worse than trying to learn without

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