Final Weekend for Most, Eyes Shift to Arapahoe Basin

With many ski areas closing this weekend and to me it’s sad since I’ve been too busy to do much of anything since January combined with a fun dose of E. Coli I’m probably out for a few weeks with maybe one trip in May to A Basin for once.  Compared to last season this season fared pretty well.  Snow conditions were generally packed powder compared to the ice of last year, Steamboat Springs was nailed pretty good all year possibly beating Wolf Creek in snow totals.  So now we turn our eyes towards Summer activities and I’m ready to get to work on my ski body for next year for sure.  Though it will probably now be a snowboard body going forward.  Unfortunately my pigeon-toed stance burns my knees out when skiing and with wide feet boots have never been all that comfortable.  One day of riding lessons and nothing was hurting.  That was enough to force a switch rather than eventually blowing my knee due to strain down the road.  Now my butt tells another story cause I’ve planted it pretty good a few times in the soft spring snows.  I think next year’s lessons will be a little more forgiving with more solid snow to help not catch those edges when trying to stop.  Yet it’s never been about what’s under your feet, it’s always been about having fun out there and enjoying the ride and friends.  I’ll learn to hate flats even more though I’ll carry a collapsible pole for emergencies.

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