Inn at Keystone Review

My first ski trip was to the Inn at Keystone. It’s a nice place central to Keystone Resort and close to the mountain house where you can take ski lessons. The room we got was a normal room, but when we got there we were given a suite. It was very nice and clean with a mini fridge and a coffee maker and it had 2 bathrooms. It would be great for 4 people just flip for who gets the bed vs the pullout. There was ample closet space and they include in the room soap and shampoo dispensers. The Inn also has rooms where your pets are welcome so bring fido out and feed him some snowballs (hint dogs love ice and it’s practically free!). It’s a quick 5 minute walk to the lifts at the mountain house and a short drive over to the gondola at the river run base area. The Ski/Snowboard rental and training facilities are in the same area as well which makes it very good as a place for those who wish to stay close to that. There are lockers at this location as well so save your feet a bit if you’re in ski boots and rent a locker and lock your walking shoes up there.

The only downside and it’s not much is that there is limited parking so it can be a slight inconvenience, but if it’s full they will happily valet park your car across the street. The benefit there is that if it’s snowing or just cold your car is warm and windows cleaned off when they bring it back!

If you’re looking for other lodging options I will post a review of the condo’s at River Run Base Area in Keystone shortly.

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