Lots Of Coal In Stockings For Colorado Ski Areas

Colorado Snow ForecastWhile we are not the only ones having a lack of meaningful snow since October, it’s been a very poor season so far in the snowfall department.  It seems every storm in October would get us there so much earlier only stayed south and this pattern persisted until the week after Thanksgiving.  Then the storm that looked like it would dump over a foot of snow in the Leadville area only dumped a few inches on the slopes.  Wolf Creek and Silverton stand tall with one 60 inches of snow for the base and Wolf Creek is 100% open on the 1600 acres means they still have the most terrain to ride so far.

This week’s forecast is just plain dry and not much in the way of major snowfall predicted within the next 10 days.  So make your new years plans somewhere you like because if you’re thinking of chasing snow, you’re not going to be doing it.

A silver lining might be that when you get a blocked up pattern like this, eventually it falls apart and that means major changes.  Winter just officially started Dec 21st so we still have over 95% of it left.  We have not even seen the major cold strike yet and any weather that may bring so just make sure you keep those edges sharp for the hard snow we have today and we’ll see what nature brings us over the next 3 months.

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