Power Outages Strand Skiers at Copper Mountain

Copper Mountain LogoA power outage due to the high winds stranded many skiers on the lifts at Copper Mountain.  Later they were able to run several lifts on generator power, but not after many skiers left in disgust that the best powder day of the year was ruined by a power outage.  It goes to show that the area ski resorts need to make better use of generator facilities to keep the lifts running in the event of a power outage and other necessary base facilities.  Most ski areas do have generators which can be used in an emergency to get skiers off lifts when the power fails, but it would be beneficial if there were the capacity to keep the lifts going especially since the heaviest days can also be during the worst weather.  It’s a cost-benefit question that every ski area operator faces, but I believe that the ski area that implements such plans would become popular with those who want to get some turns in during the worst or as we all say best weather.

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