Stay Away: Breckenridge Mountain Lodge

I was almost a dead man today because my choice of lodging was extremely poor this weekend. Literally Motel 6 is nicer than this place. I’m not sure what makes the people who own these places think they can not keep up these properties, but seriously this place is only good for college men looking for a budget room. And let me tell you, if they tried taking a girl back to that place she would be running the other direction once the door opened.

The room had a queen bed stuffed in one corner, the blinds did not shut all the way and there was a set of bunk beds on another wall. It’s no wonder the rooms were 150 a night and honestly for that price I can get better elsewhere. The heat was not working due to the coldmageeddon that struck the first week of February 2011, and the bathroom door locked from the outside???? The door between the rooms was screwed shut and probably could of been kicked in easily. No storage for skis which makes that screwed shut door even more threatening.

Luckily after contacting Breckenridge Reservations they made good by securing me a better room at the Great Divide Lodge which is 1000% better and is something were used to. So chalk one up to doing a little more research on the room. I was using a dog friendly website and it had decent reviews, but Tripadvisor and Expedia painted an entirely different picture.

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