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It’s Snowing in Colorado! How Much and What it Means for 2012-2013 Skiing

It's Snowing in Colorado!  How Much and What it Means for 2012-2013 Skiing

That’s right folks, that’s not rain anymore hitting your windows, its massive wet snowflakes, especially up in the northern side of Colorado Springs it’s coming down pretty good. 2-6 inches forecasted depending on how everything sets up, Monument might get around the 6 inch mark. You’re not

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Keystone Resort Has Near Brush With Wildfire

On Monday a day with high winds in the state of Colorado a small fire was started 3 miles from Keystone resort around 3pm.  It was sparked by a tree that fell on a power line and fueled by 40 mph winds in the area.  It was

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Colorado Snow Report March 12th 2012

This is your Colorado snow report for March 12th 2012.  Not much in the way of snow over the last few days most locations.  Wolf Creek currently still has a 90+ inch snowpack and the central mountain ski areas are in the 60 inch range.  Folks it’s

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Colorado Snow Report January 1 2012

This is your Colorado Snow Report for January 1st 2012:  Breckenridge was not a lot of fun yesterday with the 110mph winds, but this morning they reported they received 3 inches of snow.  I have to wonder if it really fell or was blown in!  Other summit

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Lots Of Coal In Stockings For Colorado Ski Areas

While we are not the only ones having a lack of meaningful snow since October, it’s been a very poor season so far in the snowfall department.  It seems every storm in October would get us there so much earlier only stayed south and this pattern persisted

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National Ski Area Association To Sue Feds

The NSSA is planning to sue the national forest service over an issue where the forest service assigned water rights to the land over the rights holders the ski areas.  What this means for Ski Areas is that they no longer have control of the water that

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Colorado Snow Forecast Update

Your Colorado Snow Forecast for Dec 13th 2011.  It’s looking like a solid 3-6 inches of snow will fall in the Breckenridge, Vail, Keystone, and surrounding ski area’s between tonight and Thursday.  This will add some much-needed snow to the hard-pack we are currently riding on at

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Snow, Arapahoe Basin Opens More Runs

Looks like the forecast calls for another foot on favorable slopes this evening into Wednesday.  For all you hump day skiers beware that there will be extreme wind and blowing snow so take it easy on I70 or for my Colorado Springs brethren watch out for Monument

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