Cooler Weather Sparks Snow Guns

Cooler weather has finally arrived.  Though later than recent years.  It’s a race and gamble if anyone will actually get a run open by Halloween, but this next week the weather will produce some high mountain snows.  Wolf Creek might be a recipient of some beneficial snows, but unsure if amounts will be enough to cause an early opening.  However this may be a good year for Wolf Creek record books if El Nino’s weather patterns hold true.  Only time will tell.


Ullr’s Getting Restless

Not sure what I’m going to do this year.  Seen snow in RMNP and on top of Pikes Peak, and I’ve been out for a year now and will be starting over on Skiing probably for a few runs until I get my legs back underneath me.  Though I have taken a snowboard lesson and honestly it’s less exhausting for me so I’m seriously considering a season lesson pass with Vail to get lessons in for the year and renting a setup from my friends at The Ski Shop in Colorado Springs.

Will have to see how things go.

Warm Week On The Slopes

The other day I saw the temp gauge at Copper Mountain hit up near 50 degrees in full Sun.  Was probably a great day for skiing as long as you stayed out of the shade and who can deny the fun of not having to wear several layers!  Lets not forget just hanging at your favorite bar on the slopes and sipping a nice cool beer with friends.  So here’s to everyone who loves the warm days get them in they wont last.  Stay tuned for the next Colorado Snow Report.

Getting There

Recovering the old posts I cant believe I did not post in 2014.  Pneumonia will do that to you.  Missed an entire half of a ski season, and the other end of 2014 I’m stuck here in Georgia.  The light is at the end of the tunnel I’ll be back on the slopes in a few weeks and I could not be happier.  Probably be living back in Colorado Springs, though I would not mind someday ending up in Denver so I’m closer, but there’s something to be said for taking the 24 route to Breck and avoiding the traffic on 70 for sure.

Signifigant Winter Storm Incoming

Finally the central mountains will be seeing some love this week as a very cold system comes down from the north.  At least a foot of snow can be expected around Summit County depending on local geographic features that enhance the snowfall.   As usual I seem to schedule vacations around these storms unwittingly months ahead, but I cant wait to get back and get some turns in next week when another storm is expected to be arriving.

However break out the cold snow gear as temperatures below zero are to be expected nearly everywhere and in single digits for highs possibly.

Arapahoe Basin Open Sunday October 13

Feeling Lucky?  We’ll if so head on over to Arapahoe Basin to get the first runs of the season going!  It was announced yesterday that they would open this Sunday with a single trail and park (High Noon) while working on getting Ramrod opened next.  The weather forecast looks great, but remember to be careful around the I-70 Construction!


Sorry Loveland riders looks like they will open sometime this coming week, but not Sunday.



Arapahoe Basin Starts Making Snow Tonight

Latest updates from Al suggest that they will begin making snow on top of the snow that has been falling up there on and off today so starts the race between A Basin and Loveland to get open.  Wolf Creek just smiles and waits for a good storm.


Speaking of storms!  Below you can see what’s heading for Washington and it’s forecast to deepen to a 975MB low.  That’s a cat 2 hurricane!


Snow Flies in Breckenridge, Early Season Sales Coming in September

I usually come out off the summer doldrums a little later in August with the first news about Rex and SNIAGRAB, but something more interesting happened over the last few weeks.  It’s been snowing in Breckenridge, in July and August of all things!  Continue reading Snow Flies in Breckenridge, Early Season Sales Coming in September

Final Weekend for Most, Eyes Shift to Arapahoe Basin

With many ski areas closing this weekend and to me it’s sad since I’ve been too busy to do much of anything since January combined with a fun dose of E. Coli I’m probably out for a few weeks with maybe one trip in May to A Basin for once.  Compared to last season this season fared pretty well.  Snow conditions were generally packed powder compared to the ice of last year, Steamboat Springs was nailed pretty good all year possibly beating Wolf Creek in snow totals.  So now we turn our eyes towards Summer activities and I’m ready to get to work on my ski body for next year for sure.  Though it will probably now be a snowboard body going forward.  Unfortunately my pigeon-toed stance burns my knees out when skiing and with wide feet boots have never been all that comfortable.  One day of riding lessons and nothing was hurting.  That was enough to force a switch rather than eventually blowing my knee due to strain down the road.  Now my butt tells another story cause I’ve planted it pretty good a few times in the soft spring snows.  I think next year’s lessons will be a little more forgiving with more solid snow to help not catch those edges when trying to stop.  Yet it’s never been about what’s under your feet, it’s always been about having fun out there and enjoying the ride and friends.  I’ll learn to hate flats even more though I’ll carry a collapsible pole for emergencies.

Thursday Will Be Great Pow Day for Wolf Creek, Monarch Mountain

It’s looking like we will have a Albuquerque low this week with a gulf moisture feed which will result in FEET of snow for the southern ski areas.  So get that sick look on your face around Tuesday and keep an eye here for updates as the weather service posts them.  This will also be a good week for the other area, but not as good as it’s going to get down south unless the storm track changes.